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All our products meet FDA and HACCP requirements

River Caged Red Tilapia
Our premium grade of Red Tilapia are raised in floating cages under a natural spring river. This premium tilapia was named, "Tub Tim," by the Emperor of Thailand meaning Ruby. The spring water environment is necessary when producing this first-class Ruby Tilapia, by using the river as a natural cleanser. This exceptional farming technique produces a superior quality fish to any other method of tilapia agricultural.

Types:Whole round,Cleaned(G+S),Gutted,Fillet,Breaded


Tempura Shrimp
Our sweet tempura batter keeps these pre-cooked shrimp plump, tender , and delicious. Tempura shrimp provides a feast in minutes with minimal preparation and labor. Shrimp lovers will love its value and flavor. Available in white or tiger shrimp and retail or food service packing.

Packing: Available in retail packaging and food service packaging


Breaded Tilapia Fillet
Lightly seasoned tilapia in a crunchy bread coating make this fillet prefect for banquets, buffets, or casual dining. Tilapia Fillet are provide high-quality protein at a good value.

Size:2/3ĦA3/5ĦA5/7ĦA7/9ĦA9/11 (oz/pc)